Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why care about research? Ask Whoopi

Why care about research? Ask Whoopi

Marital challenges in Africa...extract from BBC article by Sola Odunfa

One of the trickiest problems that confront a young couple is their relationship shortly after the wedding.

This is especially the case when the man is the financial cornerstone in his family.

The family expects him to continue to support them exactly as he used to before his new status as husband and, therefore, head of his own nuclear family.

If he fails to live up to their expectations they turn on his wife - and accuse her of trying to turn their son against his brothers and sisters.

On her part, his wife reminds him constantly of his new responsibilities in the home and cautions that a line should be drawn somewhere between his family loyalty and the needs of his own home.

It takes wisdom and diplomacy for the man to navigate his way through these conflicting demands.

Otherwise he risks either destabilising his home or incurring the anger of his siblings and larger family.

Neither augurs well for his and his children's, long-term happiness and well-being.