Tuesday, May 11, 2010


2010 is many things to different people and yes, it has become a cliché. It has become a notion to chase and not just another year. They say things will happen in 2010 and yet they are almost halfway through. Much hype is into the world cup that is coming to Africa, but to others it is:
i. Opportunity to make a break in life
ii. Symbol that
iii. Africa has arrived on the world stage and must be considered in many aspects
iv. Revolution, yes we can
v. Patriotism to being African
So 2010 is a now or never thing, and things will be referred to as before 2010 and after. Stories will be inspired by it.
2010 for me is the time I take my 30th trip around the sun, I have done is 29 times before. Some of these trips I remember vividly while some are bleak and hazy. Calamities, family tragedies, milestones, successes, challenges have come and gone but by divine intervention I have survived.
I ask myself, what will this trip be like? What posterity will have to say regarding this trip?
The year I become a dad
My second year of marriage
The year of working for God
The year I went back to finish my Masters degree after a three year break
The year I will have a deeper understanding of life
Will it be the year I launched my writing career?
Will it be the year of academic excellence
The year of investment
Then as I remember the last world cup in Germany, I was in watching it from SA (Marco Materazzi the player you could never miss in that final game) and now four years later, I am in SA and the world cup is here. How will it be?
The after all this reflection and introspection, my ask myself. What is the reason for my exsistance, still alive, survived all the odds and still going strong enjoying a good health with a very promising future ahead of me despite the mistakes I have made in the past.
What do I have to do to pay back what God has done for me?
All I can do is to praise Him for what he has, is and still yet to do in my life.
I look to His scriptures and find assurance that
He will be with me all the way (Mathew 28:20)
I can do all things through Him because he gives me strength (Philippians 4:13)
Nothing can separate me form His love (Romans 8:38-39)
And lastly that I can ask anything from Him (John 15:7)
Then I say:
He is my (Cell C) Woza 2010 Woza whenever (and whatever)
He is my (MTN) I am with God everywhere I go
He is my (Vodacom) With God, it is guaranteed awesomeness
He is my (Nedbank Cup) Ke Yona! (The one)
He is my (SPA) good for you and me
And my (Jet) good for life

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